Having graduated in 2016 from Northumbria University with a degree in English Literature I was suddenly faced with the realisation that I had no idea what to actually do with it. I knew that I wanted to get into Marketing, but I didn’t even know what area of Marketing I was interested in! I came to the realisation that if I wanted to get into Marketing I would need some experience. I was pointed in the direction of Shoo.

I’ve worked here part-time helping them with their marketing plan, contributing to the Christmas campaign and writing blogs, press releases and content. It’s been a huge learning curve for me working here but it’s also been exciting being part of such a small but innovative team.

I’ve been able to contribute to all aspects of the company and my time here has confirmed to me that I will be using my English skills to pursue a career in Marketing focusing specifically on SEO optimisation, content writing, and PR.