I am a Fashion Marketing student at Leeds Beckett University, actively looking for new experiences in the world of work.\ \ I am not a traditional fashion student. My degree was the opening that made me interested in sales and marketing. I am constantly looking for opportunities and ways that I can gain more skills and broaden my horizons. I like to challenge myself, from planning and carrying out an interrail trip around europe at the age of 18, to securing 2 work placements alongside my degree during the first 13 months. My degree has enabled me to not only look at marketing but learn about branding, consumers, trends, graphic design, the list goes on...\ \ I always want to learn more, to do more.\ \ When I was studying my A-levels, I wanted to do more than just my college work, I wanted real life experience so I sought out my own opportunities. I contacted charities and businesses and began to work as a freelance photographer alongside my 25 hour working week at my local Chip shop and my full-time studies so I have proven myself to be a hard working self-starter.\ \ I am also confident in most situations and able to easily adapt. During my last year of 6th form I applied for a position as assistant leader with the National Citizenship Service, however, the staff there knew me and my personality from my own attendance as a young person on the scheme and instead I was offered the position of Team leader which I would have been offered again this Summer had the current pandemic not caused the NCS scheme to be cancelled.\ \ Coming from a background in Fashion Marketing I believe that I can bring new perspectives to teams across all backgrounds, my skills in the Arts that I gained at A level have made me a very creative thinker which I believe will allow me to bring new ideas to the table.