Written by Anna Mewes, Personal Style and Image Consultant

When I tell people I’m a ‘Personal Stylist’ they often get very excited. I hear exclamations of ‘Oooooh you get to go shopping for a living?!’ and ‘Can you tell me which colours suit me best?’. Sometimes I also hear ‘Argh you’d die if you saw my wardrobe’, or something similar.

People’s reactions always make me smile as whilst I do go ‘shopping’ for a living, my job is about so much more than advising people what to wear.

This may sound a little strange, what else could it be about? Well, in actual fact what I focus on most with my clients is not how they LOOK, but how they FEEL.

My clients come to me for lots of different reasons; some may have lost weight and want to show off their new figure, some have been through a break-up and want to reinvent themselves, others are embarking on a new career, have recently had a baby, or are preparing for their children to leave home for university.

There are many reasons. Some have just had enough of feeling drab and want to get their mojo back.

One thing ALL my clients have in common though is that they want to FEEL fabulous again, because, for whatever reason, they don’t. This is where I come in. I’m passionate about helping women dress in a way that makes them feel AMAZING.

I’m also keen to dispel the myth that caring about your clothes and appearance is in some way vain or self-indulgent because it simply is not!

Your STYLE tells your STORY, so naturally, you want to make sure the clothes you’re wearing are reflective of YOU, who you are and what you stand for. When our style isn’t reflective of who we are, it affects our self-esteem, our self-confidence and our feelings of self-worth. I know, I’ve been there, as after the birth of my second child in 2015 I hit an all-time style low.

Having gained weight during my pregnancy, I found it difficult to lose and stopped buying clothes as I felt I didn’t ‘deserve’ them until I’d lost weight. Without realising it, I was punishing myself by not dressing in colours and styles that I loved. This meant I felt awful and had no motivation to do anything about the weight I had gained. It was a vicious cycle.

Anna Mewes Personal Stylist Ilkley

Then, one day, I reached breaking point. Faced with an evening out for a friend’s birthday and nothing to wear I almost cancelled – something I would never have done before. I realised that how I was dressing was having a domino effect on other areas in my life and it had to stop. I couldn’t put my happiness, friends and family ‘on hold’ whilst I lost weight. Life is for living after all! I deserved to feel fabulous and a few extra pounds on the scales wasn’t a reason to stop caring about how I looked, nor was it a reason to punish myself.

Since then I have always made an effort to make the best of myself – no matter what my shape or size or how I’m feeling – as I know when I make the effort I FEEL so much better.

That’s not to say I look catwalk-ready on a daily basis.

As a self-employed Mum with two young children, I simply don’t have time to look perfectly polished every day. However, I do have a wardrobe which is carefully edited and contains clothes that I feel comfortable in, work for my colouring, show off my shape, and reflect my personality and lifestyle.

This is what I do for my clients; I help them build a wardrobe that has clothes which work for THEM and I give them guidelines to follow which help them get it right consistently.

They don’t all have huge budgets or masses of time to get ready each day but they do have the knowledge and understanding of what suits them so they can consistently feel FABULOUS – and if they do, then I’ve succeeded in my job!

So, to anyone who may be feeling like they need to get their mojo back, take the time to invest in YOU, start with a Pinterest board of looks you love and see how you can bring some aspects of those outfits into your wardrobe.

Small tweaks and changes will soon add up to a full image overhaul and you’ll be amazed at the results! I guarantee that the moment you start to pay attention to your style and begin to try new things, there’ll be no stopping you and you’ll be strutting your stuff in no time!

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