I am delighted to return for a second year to support Fashion Fiesta. I am privileged to have been asked to sponsor and award the first prize of business coaching to a Fashion Designer, who will have put great energy and passion into their fashion work. That was certainly the case with last year’s winner Darecca – it’s great to see her again at Fashion Fiesta 2017 and discover where her journey has taken her these last twelve months.

My own daughter is about to embark on a university degree in costume design and I know just how much work it has taken to get her through her foundation course to this stage. So, I applaud all those designers, makeup artists and models showcasing their talents here today. I know that you will have all experienced highs and lows as you embark and keep travelling on your exciting journeys, using resilience and determination to keep you enthused and on track.

I encourage you to make the most of Thursday evening – take fantastic opportunities to reconnect with previous contacts and find new ones. Look around you, don’t be shy and start a conversation. Try to find out something new about a few people. What are their goals, achievements, interests, networks and skills? Perhaps just a little bit of research, in and amongst some fabulous entertainment this evening, will help some of you to learn about who knows who and lead you to that STAR connection that could be life changing.

Far too many businesses fail before their journey has even passed the first couple of hurdles. This saddens me, as many failings are avoidable with just a little more working on your business, rather than treating it as race (often to the bottom!). A little foresight and planning, great strategies and great leadership are all keys to success.

Increasing your long term and measurable planning, lessening short term thinking and living, breathing, and encouraging optimism throughout your workforce (whether one, many or outsourced), will help to stimulate survival, growth and success.

GuideDotYou – Phil Parramore, Business Coach

Have fantastic belief in your products and services. After all, if you don’t who will?! You know they’re market differentiators, so be proud of the fact, make them marketable and tell those who will buy from you. It’s about creating that competitive edge, often in crowded marketplaces.

As a leader, inspire all those in your team. Find the right people, motivate them and get them to be great innovators in a highly desirable and leading edge culture. In my logic: satisfied staff = great customer service = increased revenue. Have a real focused leadership trait, character and persona that gives you capability and desire to implement what you plan for.

Great products and services are nothing if marketed incorrectly. Don’t rely purely on referrals, use your own and a variety of marketing channels, with the right channels, offers and a motivated sales team for high potential lead creation and great conversion rates.

I’m here with you, so please do introduce yourself. Who knows we might be able to help each other in some way.

Beyond this fabulous occasion enjoy life’s journey and a business one if that’s for you.

I hope you have a fabulous and enjoyable evening and that you can support One in A Million in making such a difference to so many young lives.

Guide Dot You

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