Life of a makeup artist at Fashion Fiesta

Life of a makeup artist at Fashion Fiesta

Mollie Phillips - MUA Leeds

Hi! I’m Mollie and I’m a makeup artist from West Yorkshire. I have taken part in Fashion Fiesta as a
Makeup Artist in both the 2016 and 2017 shows, and I can’t describe what a building block in
my career it has been for me. My first year taking part was back in early October 2016. I had
just started my first year of my degree in Fashion and Editorial Makeup and I saw the advert for
makeup artists on twitter. I applied online and even if it sounds cheesy: the rest was history.
In the 2016 show, I teamed with a designer to create an ethereal Greek inspired makeup for her
collection. I loved doing this makeup as it is my kind of style. On top of getting to be part of a
great event, I got some amazing networking time with the other makeup artists and volunteers
who were helping. Through talking to a makeup artist who was working next to me on the night I
ended up getting a job as a makeup assistant on a pilot tv show, and a job as a makeup
assistant again on a music video and tv advert.

Of course, I was incredibly lucky to gain those experiences through Fashion Fiesta, and whilst
the show can not promise the same for all applicants, what you are certain to receive is an
amazing opportunity to network and get to know other likeminded people from your industry.
The show is a great opportunity to get professional photographs of your work that are taken by
various amazing photographers on the night.

My second year at fashion fiesta was September 2017. After knowing the team who run the
event for a year they kindly asked me to write a blog for the website, social media and program
for the event, talking about makeup and skincare for the everyday working women. This was
such a great opportunity to get my writing out there and get my work published on the Fashion
Fiesta website.

Last year the show introduced a makeup artist competition where makeup artists had the
opportunity to create our own makeup look on one model before they walked down a catwalk in
front of the judges. I was lucky to come 2nd in the competition and ended up winning a
photoshoot with Charles Waller, one of the photographers from Fashion Fiesta. This was
another great opportunity to get some pictures for my portfolio and create connections with a

I’ve said the word ‘opportunity’ so much throughout this little piece, but I feel like that if I had to
describe Fashion Fiesta with one word it would be ‘opportunity’. It’s amazing to network, create
new contacts and for me personally, it has been a big building block in the start of my career.

I hope to see you on the night of Fashion Fiesta 2018!

Mollie x